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Jul 29, 2020

Is there a right age to get sober? Whatever age we decide to stop drinking, we will face challenges and limiting beliefs. In this episode, Chip and Veronica discuss the challenges of getting sober at a young age and getting sober when you are older.


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Jul 22, 2020

Veronica and Chip have both experienced burn out in sobriety. Stress and burnout are danger zones for someone recovering from an alcohol problem. In this episode, we discuss the tools we have used to cope with stress.


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Jul 15, 2020

It's our 100th episode! To celebrate Chip and Veronica answer questions from the Soberful Life community. We answer questions about our sobriety and personal lives!


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Jul 8, 2020

In this episode, Veronica interviews Dr Jamie Marich about her new book, Trauma and the 12 Steps. We take a deep dive into working with people who have experienced trauma and how the 12-step programs can help and harm them.


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