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Feb 24, 2021

Chip and Veronica get to the root of addiction and explain the different types of trauma that people experience, leading them to abuse alcohol.


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Feb 17, 2021

Men and women get sober differently. The same methods won't work for women that work for men because women also have to battle hormonal changes that can dramatically affect their sobriety. In this episode Veronica discusses women's issues and sobriety with new Soberful Life practitioner and nurse practitioner...

Feb 10, 2021

In this passionate discussion Chip and Veronica discuss the impact of social media and sobriety. They look at how the internet and social media has helped so many people get sober but also the negative impact it has had on people.


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Feb 3, 2021

About Coach Tiffany - As an RN, Intuitive Eating Coach, and person in long term recovery, Tiffany has helped
hundreds of women to achieve their goals. She works with high achieving women who can do anything they set their mind to but still struggle with food. Having experienced food obsession herself, she committed to...