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Oct 27, 2021

We get asked all the time what we do to be okay. In this episode, Chip and Veronica discuss their empowering habits that support their sobriety, mental and emotional health.


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Oct 20, 2021

In this frank and open interview, Brianne Davis discusses her recovery from sex and love addiction. The 'secret addiction that often gets dismissed or laughed at. Brianne explains how she felt and what her recovery looks like and how she now helps other people recover.


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Oct 13, 2021

In this continuing series on the relationship between religious abuse and addiction. Veronica talks to Dr. Jamie Marich about how the LGBTQ+ community has been affected by religious abuse.


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Oct 6, 2021

What do we need to look out for when we first get sober. Chip and Veronica go through H.A.L.T (Hungry Angry Lonely Tired) as well as Stress, Boredom, and Hormones as triggers that lead to a drink.


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